Helping people become vegan in 2020

Updated: Jul 21

Hey everyone little back story on how I went vegan. My husband and I have been vegan for almost 10 years. I grew up in a very food consuming family we were always eating. But as I got older I started noticing I was gaining weight faster than I would have liked to. I started looking into different options. I tried a few different diets and nothing just seemed to work for me. Everything was really limiting and you could only eat a certain amount of this or that, or you had to weigh out your food and I didn’t really want to do that so I started looking at different options and that’s when I found the vegan lifestyle. Even though it was limiting on the things you could eat, the things that you were able to eat you could eat as much as you wanted. You can eat a ton of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats and I was really excited about that so I slowly just stared cutting stuff out. Here are some tips and tricks I have learned and used for being vegan.

1. Don’t do it alone.

Find a friend or vegan buddy whether it is on social media or a neighbor or a relative anyone that is also interested in becoming vegan so you have someone to try new recipes try new restaurants together.

2. Start off slow.

We tried to go from eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) to going vegan overnight. We would start our day drinking smoothies and having salads and then by the end of the day we were starving and we would end up going and getting fast food. Which of course defeats the purpose of going vegan. What I found to be the easiest way to do it is I cut out my least favorite meat product first. So, if you don’t like pork or lamb or whatever just decide that you are not going to eat that anymore. Bam you have already made a great step. Then go from there what is your next least favorite meat. This helps when you are in transition and go out to eat. It’s easy to replace a meat product for a different meat product at first. It also helps your “say no muscles” (which you will need once you go completely vegan)

3. Eat more.

You’re going to be eating more than you were before so plan on that. Buy more fruits and vegetables that’s, we did this wrong when we first started. We would only buy two tomatoes or three of this or one head of lettuce. Now I will buy three bags of the hearts of romaine which come three in a bag for a week for our family which is like nine heads of lettuce for a week. Which sounds like a lot but you realize how you use certain fruits and vegetables. Just be prepared to eat more than you think you are going to.

4. Do your research.

Find the vegetables that have protein. There are so many options out there so that you aren’t lacking any macro or micronutrient. You are going to get asked all the time “But like where do you get your protein from?” In America our diet is so protein focused that when you take out the main source people see as protein they want to do what is going to happen to you. Nuts, legumes, beans if you’re going to do soy.

5. Use the process soy products in moderation.

You still want to be highly fruit and vegetable focused. You don’t want to be what I call a “bad vegan” where you are eating fake meats and cheese all day. That’s fun but it’s not healthy for the long term. Making sure you have a well-balanced diet is still crucial no matter how you eat. Making sure you are getting your healthy fats along with the fruits and vegetables and protein. You can be vegan while still eating French fries, Oreos and fake burgers and quesadillas all day. It’s just not the smart way to do it.

These are just a few of my tips that I have learned over the years of my vegan journey. If you have any questions or comments please leave then below so we can all chat about it. Until next time!


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