How to save money eating vegan

Hey I’m here to talk to you about food! We all make food choices numerous times a day for each meal that we eat. We choose what we put into our bodies. Sometimes we make great decisions and choose to eat salads and whole grains. Other times though we eat pizza and chips and soda. I’m guilty of it myself.

We need a balance of the healthy food to get all of our macronutrients and micronutrients. We in America are over consuming mass quantities of protein, fats and carbs while we are lacking in vitamins and minerals that are essential to us living our best lives. The over consumption of meat and dairy is not just harming to our bodies but also to the planet. Choosing whole organic food is always the best option and I think majority of people know that. I think one of the biggest problem people have with eating healthy is they feel its expensive. Let me tell you it doesn’t have to be. By knowing where to shop, when to shop, and how to shop better it will save you time and money. Here are my tips to help you eat a cheaper vegan diet!

1. Find a store that has a lot of options where you can buy in bulk.

Buying in bulk is a great way to stock up on items you love and need. By buying larger quantities it also helps with not eating out because you will have more food options available at your home. Look for stores that have food bins. You can purchase items like flour, oats, spices, sugar all at a fraction of the cost from buying it in packages. This is how I buy my nuts and seeds and things like nutritional yeast. Nuts and seeds can really break the bank when it comes eating vegan. Buying in bulk is helpful because it is a little more expensive but you get more for your money in the long run.

2.Try to shop during the week.

Most grocery stores have their sales on Tuesday or Wednesday so by buying on those days you are automatically saving money and as a bonus most people shop on the weekends so there will also be less people in the store while you shop so you won’t have to fight big crowds which is also a plus.

3.By local and in season.

Check out your local farmers market. Most of them have low prices and you can get discounts if you buy multiple things from one vendor. By buying from farmer markets also helps support your local business and helps the planet because the food doesn’t have to travel distance. It is also fresher because it was picked locally and then you buy it quicker instead of having to be shipped.

4. Look online.

I buy a lot of my paper products online because I can find them cheaper. I also buy my essential oils online too. It just depends on where you are in the world and what stores and sales are around. Sometimes it is cheaper for me to buy certain things online and other times its cheaper in a store. Do your research before you buy something.

5. Plan ahead for sales.

I think this is important because there are times when you will be at a store and there will be something that you may need or even something you may not need right now but you use a lot of and it will be on sale. If it is something that is nonperishable then it is a good idea to stock up on it because even thought that day your food budget may be a little higher than normal it will help your future weeks be cheaper.

6. Meal plan.

This is HUGE! I struggled with so much when I first really wanted to be on a budget while also staying vegan. Planning ahead and buying ingredients to add to what you already have at home is super helpful for eating healthy and staying on a budget. You don’t waste as much food because you are eating what you have at home before it goes bad. Look at what you have at home and then start planning meals around that and then add to your grocery list the things you need to buy to make that meal.


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