Trying to get fit in your everyday life.

Updated: Jul 2

Hey everyone I’m here to talk to the moms out there! Mostly the new moms of babies. The moms that are trying to get the pre baby body back or even that new post baby body back. No matter where you are in your fitness journey ...have a new child or just having children is a new change. We all know how important fitness is and we all want to do it or at least get the benefits from it, but it’s hard to find time with work and our lives to schedule it in. When we do have free time I don’t want to got to the gym when I can cuddle with my little munchkin instead. Who wants to workout then?? Not me. So how do we get the body we want and still spend time with our loved ones?? Here are some tips I’ve implemented to try to incorporate fitness and...cuddles. Because who doesn’t want a rocking bod and baby time.

  1. Number one. Make it a family event. Go on walks with the family. If you have small children wear, them or put them in a stroller if you need to. Getting outside gives you vitamin D. It’s also an great time to catch up with your spouse in our busy every day life.

  2. Number two. Capitalize on nap time. I know that sometimes we need a nap too by the time our little ones take a nap, but that’s not every day, so on the days our little ones take a nap and we still have energy do an at home work out. Youtube is a great resource for at home workouts.

  3. Number three. Do a baby wearing work out. If you little one is little enough I recommend getting a baby carrier. They are great for numerous reasons.Our muscles can get over worked by always holding our children on one side. Having a baby carrier relieves that extra pressure and balances the weight evenly. Wearing your baby is also great to do for a workout.You can do squats, lunges tricep dips. Also if you buy resistant bands you can do bicep curls shoulder presses and many other exercises.

  4. Number four. Clean your house. I know this one is a little weird. But think about it for a second. Cardio is us getting our heart rate up and I don’t know about you but cleaning up after my child and lets be honest also my husband can be a lot of work. :) So make an actual workout out of it. When your bending down to pick up something try to squat for it. It’s better for you back and good for the booty. While your sweeping and moping really try to use your arms and shoulders. Make sure you keep your abs tight as well and you will be sweating and burning calories in no time. Anything can be a workout, dishes, laundry cleaning the car, you name it.

Be creative and have fun. If your not having fun while your working out it will always be dull and boring and guess what you will never stick with it!

Well there you have a few tips and tricks to help incorporate exercise into your everyday life. It is time we think outside the box to reach our fitness goals and spend time with our family. Do you have anymore ideas? Comment below your ideas too and don’t forget to share to help all the other moms(and dads) too!


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