What type of Vegans are there?

Hey everyone todays topic is about us all being different. A lot of the time we get lumped into one type of category. As humans we need to organize things in our brains for things to make sense so we all have different boxes in our heads that we use to pre-judge people and place them in a box that makes sense to us. It is just human nature. Every type of people has extremist which can make other people judge others before getting to know each other. It is just part of life. For vegans there are many types of vegans, all of them have good qualities and you have to see what works for you. What works for you when you start going vegan might change later and you might also have a couple you fit into. It is all a personal decision and the more patience we have with ourselves and each other is always the best. Below are a few different types of vegans I have met, been or tried. This is not a complete list and this is my version of the types of vegans I have been around or have been. They are all awesome! Enjoy!

Vegans for the animals (Ethical)

Who doesn’t love animals? Everyone right? Well vegans for the animals or ethical vegans decide that loving animals is enough to give up eating animals. (makes sense right!?) So, they give up eating meat and animal products. I have noticed that many of these people have also been considered the “junk food” vegans. They are not super careful about where they are getting all their micro and macro nutrients and will eat a lot of processed soy products. That isn’t always true just what I have experienced. Myself included!! I love dairy free ice cream, “cheze quesadillas” and more!

Vegans for health (plant based, raw)

This is the category I started my vegan journey in. I had grown up with a slight weight problem. I saw the way my dad cooked which was delicious but definitely not healthy and new that had to be a connection to why I always had a little extra meat on my bones…it was the meat!! (did you see what I did there J) Anywhoo… I started paying attention to a neighbor of ours who was mostly raw vegan and she had energy and ate all day long and was in great shape. I looove to eat so eating all day and not gaining weight was like a dream come true. Many vegans that are raw or plant based are very conscious about what they are putting in and on their bodies. They will be extra careful about what makeup they use and things like that. Of course, this doesn’t mean that other vegans aren’t conscious about the makeup they use or the type of toothpaste or shampoo they use.

Vegan for the planet (Environmentally conscious)

Vegans that are more environmentally conscious are ones that really care about the planet. They have done their research on fossil fuels and have decided that it is better for be vegan to help our planet survive for generations to come. They want our rainforest to survive and want to make the world a better place. They want to help lessen the carbon footprint as much as they can.

Well there you have a short defiantly not complete list of some types of vegans you could be, or maybe know or maybe you are a little of all of them. The main thing is we all practice love and compassion for each other. If you have comments or want to add another type comment down below!

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